Monday, July 23, 2007

Learning From Success

Okay, so I'm not sure how to put this one?

As my loyal readers know, I've been Internet marketing with moderate success for several years and there is this one thing that keeps bugging me to the edge of my own sanity......

Suppose you are wondering what it is?

Well, when I started Internet marketing there were these two other fellows (who will go nameless) that started Internet marketing at the same time I did.

It was just like starting back to school, making new friends, forming new relationships and exploring a whole new world.

Well they went on to college somehow and I kept getting held back over and over again.

So the key to success is following success right?

So what on earth did they do... that I haven't done...

Okay realistically they both earn High Six Figure Incomes and I don't,

They both have websites and I have websites,

They both have Blogs and I have Blogs,

We all email market,

We buy leads,

We Invest our money to make money,

They did their homework and I did my homework,

So I suppose maybe it was the classes that we took or the homework that we did????


So while I'm kicking the the kickball around the playground I stumble upon this website that puts is all together....

Both of them are Affiliates with this website and I'm not...

So I join, and now the adventure begins again.

The whole nature of Internet marketing is do it once and profit forever. Its that whole leverage and residual income thingy.

Well this Internet marketer pretty much sets you up with an entire website that does all the work for you and what I'm talkin about is.

Free Stuff!!!!!! (free stuff is cool)
Free Internet Marketing How to PDFs
Free Videos
He teaches you how to get Free Targeted Traffic to your websites.
He teaches you how to market yourself and your warez.
Free Auto responders
Free Emails to go with the auto responder
And the list goes on and on........

So I've joined the new club house and I'm gonna see how it goes...

My new club house

Check it out and see for yourself. I'll let you know how it works out.