Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Nutrition: Study Links Sugary Drinks to Teenagers' Weight

Okay, so here I go again. I ran across this article on google this morning and I really tired to avoid reading it, but how could I resist.

Here is the link to the whole article.

Do we (any of us) really need some sort of study to tell us that drinking lots of sugar filled drinks will make us fat....


I'm thinkin maybe a slow news day. Whats that all about? They actually did a study...

"The researchers, led by Cara B. Ebbeling of Children's Hospital Boston, found that the teenagers' consumption of the high-calorie drinks went down by about 80 percent during the study and that the teenagers who had been the most overweight had significant reductions in their body mass indexes at the end of the 25 weeks."

No really... Go figure no more sugary drinks and people lose weight... I'm suprised

C'mon folks this isn't news, we've always known this.

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