Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dating, Relationships and Sex.

Let’s face it. There’s an old saying about a dog being “man’s best friend.” So getting along with another human being is rated second, at best.

Or is it?

Let’s look a little closer. For example, you meet someone either online or off. It seems like “love at first sight.” So you dive in headfirst and take the plunge by going out on several dates. And yet:

- You knew from day one that this person smokes, but he or she will surely kick the habit for YOU, right?

- You both disagree 180-degrees on important issues; politics, religion, state of the economy, etc. But “love conquers all,” right?

- You apologized for being late on the first date, re-scheduling the second date, scheduling the reservation at the wrong time on the third date….but “love is blind,” right? The other person should have endless patience?

Well, read on.

In fact, right now, I'm inviting you to take charge of your Dating & Relationship plans and strategy, and learn more now about how to interact both online and off, developing positive, healthy relationships.

"Just say yes! You Can Do It!"

Our Healthy Dating & Relationship Tips Guide offers help to you so that you can overcome shyness, lack of knowledge, lack of experience – lack of a mended heart after your last mate bailed on you … encouraging you to reach out and try again. It offers you plenty of love-power to help you “jumpstart” your love life – with a new date or ongoing relationship.

And best of all, you will be able to get your helpful guide from us in the privacy of your own home or private computer area to enjoy at your leisure. And learn what our Healthy Dating & Relationship Tips Guide is all about.

For example, to begin with, consider the following 3 statements. Does each represent a Fact or Fiction?

1. All we need is love. Fact or Fiction?

2. It has to be “love at first sight” in order to work long-term. Fact or Fiction?

3. Practically anyone can learn the nuts and bolts of relationship building. Fact or Fiction?

(Answers: 1. Fiction 2. Fiction 3. Fact)

Learn much more about dating and relationships. Our guide is loaded with information in an easy-to-read format and its all free. You’ll read about Dating and Relationship Issues, Resources, Tips and related help used and recommended by professionals, experts in the world of healthcare today.

Then design your own Dating and Relationship improvement plan by only selecting those solutions that fit into your own unique lifestyle, based upon your own desires, available time, schedule, strategy, plans and budget.

But what’s inside..?” you might be wondering…

Inside this guide, you will:

  • Find information about the basics of “love” and relationships between people, in laymen’s term.

  • Learn the Basic Techniques of Relationship Building

  • Uncover information about Body Language and learn to read it!

  • Learn how to build bridges and handle conflict with others.

  • Take a look at how to be a little more cordial.

  • Learn about the ABCs of Healthy, Happy Relationships.

  • Learn about the ABCs of Unhealthy, Sad Relationships.

  • Improve your support system with our resources. Online and off combine help for 24/7.

  • Print out our Relationship Tips to keep handy and use as a checklist.

  • Arm yourself with our Online (and Classified Ad) Dating tips – carry a copy in your briefcase, handbag, locker, desk drawer. And be safer!

  • Improve your communications with our NETIQUETTE tips.

  • Save time, money, aggravation, hair pulling and nail biting by checking out top issues that effect long lasting love. Stop denying your relationship the keys it needs to handle priority issues one minute more, wasting precious time, money, energy and health on them.

  • Print out our Conflict Management steps to use during your next fight.

  • Follow our Money Management Guidelines and get on a healthier financial track with your mate today and save for tomorrow.

  • Save our blank Monthly Budget Sheet, then print out copies for a 12-month planner. Plan ahead!

  • Print out our Self-Help Guide and enjoy exercises to take by yourself and share with your mate fun for, to learn more and to even grow closer together.

  • And much, much more…

P.P.S. – Learn more about the Healthy Dating & Relationship Tips and satisfy your curiosity about dating & relationships – both online and off - once and for all.

P.P.P.S. – Gain freedom from worrying about how your relationships and dates “should” be. Gain self-confidence, self-assurance and your self-respect back – all at the same time.

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