Sunday, February 22, 2009

The 20 Rep Squat.

A.K.A. Super Squats, Breather Squats

Its amazing how things come full circle, I've watched people in the gym doing all kinds of routines and with all kinds of weird lifting techniques. The latest greatest craze that is supposed to pack on tons of muscle and double your strength. These complicated mind boggling routines keep you busy running from one machine to another in a clock watching frenzy. Super sets, triple sets, drop sets etc. and don't forget that tempo.

It seems that most newbies believe that the more complicated the routine is the better it works. More sets equals more growth ( never mind diet and rest).

So anyway, what got this post started is the come back of the 20 rep squat, I've noticed recently in my browsing of internet forums, websites and blogs that this routine is again rearing its head and drawing attention to itself.

20 Rep Squats - No hype, all over muscle growth and 1 simple set.

Sounds to good to be true?

Don't take my word for it. Try it out for yourself.

A few guide lines for the gym.

Drink plenty of water. (this should be a given)

The workout part of routine should never be more then 1 hour or 30 sets. What ever comes first. (If you're working out more then this your just setting yourself up to overtrain.)

Warm up properly. If you don't know how to do this then you shouldn't be working out in the first place.

Eat something about an hour before you go to the gym and immediately after. This is what pre workout drinks and meal replacements are made for. Give you body some fuel to burn so you can get the most out of your workout and no a snickers bar doesn't count.

Here is the basic Idea, No wimps allowed.

Start slowly especially if you have not worked out recently. I recommend that for 20 rep squats you should start with half your body weight. Add 5 lbs to your squats every workout and do all 20 reps each workout.

This method will allow you to work into the squats over a period of time. If you start off with the max weight that you can handle you will be so sore you won't be able to walk the next day or maybe even the rest of the week.

So here it is.

The squat 20 reps 1 set, eat, rest and eat. (its that simple)

Wait until you are not sore anymore (this may be two to four days depending on you) and do it again.

By the very nature of the 20 rep squat program you won't want to do anything else. Most people feel a strong need to go lay down for awhile. If you don't this is a good sign that your not using enough weight or you are a seasoned pro.

So if you feel like doing more and are just plain masochist...Then below you will find my favorite workouts.

Basic routine: (I'm not sure when or where, or who introduced me to these routines but they do the job and keep things simple, feel free to print these workouts.)

Seated press behind the neck 3x10
Bench press 3x12
Bent over rowing 2x15
Standing curl 2x10 (be careful with this its very easy to overtrain the biceps and stunt growth)
Parallel squat 1x20
Chest Pulls 1x20
Stiff legged deadlift 1x15
Crunches 1x25
As a cool down toss in some sets for your wrist and calf work if you so desire.

The quick workout looks something like this.
Bench press 2x12
Squat 1x20
Chest pulls 1x20
Bent over rowing 2x15

And my low rep program looks like this.
Cleans 5x5
Dumbell press 5x5
Incline press 5x5
Upright rows 5x5
Squats 5x5 Followed by light pullovers after each set.
Leg raises 2x25

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