Saturday, February 21, 2009

2 Lbs. Per week or more.

How much weight should I expect to lose on this diet a week? Always a good question, in the past I've had to face the question about this diet or that diet. The answer is usually always the same, "Well... how much weight do you have to lose?" It only makes sense that if you have only 10 lbs to lose then 2 lbs a week might seem a little extreme, but when you have 100 lbs of body fat to lose then 2 lbs a week may seem way to little. In an article that recently published on my nutrition and health blog, Tom Venuto discusses this very thing in his article The 2 pounds per week rule and how to burn fat faster.

Its a rather simple idea, you always have to consider
  • Workout intensity.
  • Calorie intake.
  • Current body fat and weight loss goals.
If you only have 10 lbs. to lose it may be the hardest 10 lbs. you ever had to lose. Were as, if you have 50 lbs. to lose the first 10 lbs. my drop off relatively easy compared to the last 10 lbs. I usually start my diet off by cutting back on my calories first and then increasing the intensity of my workouts gradually over several weeks to keep my metabolism up and my weight loss steady. Tom's article also mentions cyclical diets, for all the low carbers out there, Lyle McDonald goes into greater deepth with The cyclical ketogenic diet a good read if you plan on making low carb diets a lifestyle and not just a short term solution.


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